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In the painting a man is playing chess with the devil the stake being the young mans soul the artist had most graphically depicted the point in the game where it was apparently the young mans move and he seemed just to realize the fact that he had lost the game the agony of despair being shown in every line of his features and the head photo is a detail from the ceiling of the sala de los reyes of the granada palacios nazaries alhambra in wikicommons no direct connection with my topic but i think a beautiful visualisation of my head title the material of this blog is some connected highlights of the chess history duringplaying chess with the devil it has only dawned on me recently after a traumatic personal event in my own life to which i am unable to draw attention that the world around me is full of dead eyed people living lives of quiet desperation i never saw these people before my eyes were shutteredplaying chess with the devil published on august 8 2016 january 27 2019 by rradmin2 categoryunderstanding bible based truth i have always been terrible at the game of chess its not that i dont understand how the game is playedi perfectly understand the rules and moves the problem is my inability think aheadplaying chess with the devil julie a rouse ed d on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers what is als also known as lou gehrigs disease what can i expect from this diagnosis for myself or my loved one how will lou gehrigs disease affect my family where do i find more information about this disease how will my family cope

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